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Why Create Islanders for Community Preservation (ICP)?

ICP is a non-partisan organization dedicated to developing realistic, common-sense strategies to choose and achieve a future for the county which honors the vision for the county crafted by citizens during the official Comprehensive Plan development process and adopted by the county commissioners. San Juan County is a beautiful, as yet unspoiled archipelago. It is the fastest growing county in the State of Washington. Without intervention, the current growth trends will result in a community similar to every other small beautiful community in America which has been discovered and developed: Aspen, Jackson Hole, Martha's Vineyard.

ICP recognizes that SJC has a unique opportunity to be innovative, to create a set of strategies to redirect the destructive forces of growth into constructive methods whereby the unique, small-scale, rural, community-based forms of human activities can be preserved and shared in perpetuity for the benefit of future generations of residents and visitors. ICP recognizes that, by joining together, the community can make their vision a reality rather than an empty memory of a former time.

Islanders for Community Preservation was formed in response to the overwhelming public concern that the future maximum population currently permitted by the San Juan County Comprehensive Plan far exceeds a level which is consistent with the way of life commonly experienced and desired by county residents and visitors.

Related to the population size issue are the preservation of traditional resource-based economic activites, the creation of non-tourist and non-construction related jobs, the maintenance of population diversity and the development of a viable and adequate affordable-housing system.

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How can you help ICP?

Write or Call:

    San Juan County Planning Department
	P.O. Box 947
	Friday Harbor, WA  98250
	360-378-3922, fax

	San Juan County Commissioners
	350 Court House #1
	Friday Harbor, WA  98250
	360-378-6256, fax

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Who is ICP?

You! and others like you!

ICP is composed of all citizens interested in, and willing to get involved in, the future of San Juan County. Old time islanders, business owners, real estate agents, teachers, loggers, new residents, young families, renters, property owners, visitors: everyone who has a stake in preserving this diverse, human-scale, rural, neighborly, hard-working, thoughtful and friendly community for our children and our children's children.

Contact us!

	Write to ICP at:
	%Walt Corbin
	1001 Pioneer Hill Road
	Olga, WA  98279

Call Walt to get a brochure, become a member, find out how you can get involved: (360) 376-5431

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